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Selene Baldini








Selene Baldini








Selene Baldini

What made my years as a student remarkable were my teachers. For how belittling this may sound, I owe my teachers my best and long-lasting memories of learning.

The path that led me to education has not been straightforward. With a BA in Foreign Languages and Literature with English and French as my majors, the world was my oyster.

I worked in Birmingham and Oxford as a school administrator and students’ services officer for private institutions, helping international students find their way in the city and enhance their growth and personal development.

Thanks to these positions, I grew my desire to give students a broader opportunity to learn, follow their progress through the year and rejoice with them for their accomplishments.

After obtaining a CELTA (Cambridge qualification for teaching English as a foreign language) and a PGCE (Postgraduate in Education from the University of Sunderland UK), I taught in schools in the UK, Italy and Greece to finally come to Hong Kong, embracing all the fun and the challenges of this job.

What to expect from your teacher?

Care and flexibility are my two favourite adjectives to describe a good teacher. All my students have different skills and peculiarities. Helping them thrive, regardless of their background, is my main goal.

Excitement and fun are also good ingredients for a well-structured learning environment.

I am aware of the high-performance standards students are subjected to in Hong Kong. Still, I believe that a good balance between traditional and unconventional teaching can also lead to great results!

As a teacher, I received some of my best life lessons. That is why I also consider myself a full-time student: there is no such thing as stop learning!

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