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Admission Plan
  • Grade for admission: Y1 - Y13
  • Small class sizes
  • Age Group for Interview: Students will be placed into the various Year Group for interviews based on the age of the child and their year of birth.
The school will enroll students based on their academic level, conduct, interview performance, non-academic achievements, family background and other relevant factors.

Under the same conditions, the following students enjoy the priority of admission:
  • Holders of the capital bonds
  • Siblings apply for enrollment to our school at the same time
    Tuition and Fees
    • Tuition fees include all compulsory courses and other courses, subject tutoring, competition training and other expenses.
    • Tuition fee: Primary school annual tuition fee is HK$198,000($19,800*10 installment). Secondary school annual tuition fee is HK$208,000($20,800*10 installment). Annual tuition fee for A-Level or IBDP programme is 218,000($21,800*10 installment).
    • Calculation of tuition: Under the current policy, each student's tuition for one academic year is paid in 10 installments. For example, students enrolled in August each year (the beginning of the new academic year) should pay tuition from August to May of the following year (10 months in total). Students who transfer to the School mid-year are required to pay the tuition from the month of transfer to the next July (not exceeding 10 months), and the tuition after summer vacation is the same as that of newly enrolled students. In addition, students who apply for withdrawal/suspension still need to pay the tuition for the month of withdrawal/suspension.
    Capital Contribution Scheme
    Happy Life Education Foundation Limited has established the Capital Contribution Scheme, the fund will be collected for:
    • To maintain the current school campus premise and facilities operate appropriately;
    • To decorate and maintain the possible future campus site, also to purchase facilities, and conduct projects to optimise the school environment.
    As approved by the Education Bureau, every student of Han Academy is required to join the Capital Contribution Scheme from 2020-2021 academic year, with either of the options below (scholarship awardee and grant recipients may be exempted ):
    Capital Levy
    • HK$600,000 per unit, to be purchased before the official registration of a student.
    • Bears no interest. The refundable amount will be deducted for HK$45,000 per academic year or part thereof (e.g. 5 months shall be treated as a whole year). Unbalanced school fees will also be deducted from the refundable amount.
    • Whenever the Capital Levy redemption application is submitted, the official departure date of all school-leavers will start from the end of the school year, whichis, July 31. After 4 months, the applicant can apply for a refund of the remaining part of the deduction, but please note:
      1. The Capital Levy must be held for 1 year or more;
      2. There is no interest in the Capital Levy holding or the remaining part returned;
      3. All unsettled balance owed to the school will be deducted from the refund.
    • The value of the capital levy is subject to change in the future.
    Capital Bond
    • A Capital Bond is HK$6,000,000 each, which is non-interest bearing, non-refundable and fully transferable at any time one year after the date of issuance of the Capital Bond Certificate and four months after the date on which the Nominee officially leaves Han Academy, whichever is later. The Nominee will be exempted from paying the Capital Levy. Interested parties may apply to the Foundation to purchase a Capital Bond, or may purchase a Capital Bond from current holders at other prices in the secondary market. For enquiries, please email
      School Visit
      We warmly welcome prospective parents who are interested in learning more about our philosophy, curriculum, teaching faculty and admission procedures to visit Han Academy, participate in the Introductory Meeting, and communicate with our students and teachers. Prospective parents may visit the school in any of the ways described below.
      School Tour
      Our School Tour sessions comprise of a tour of the School followed by a short Q&A session with the Admissions Staff. You can still make an appointments for School Tour or online Introductory Meeting during the class suspension period.
      Open Day
      Prospective parents are warmly welcomed to bring their kids to participate in Open Day activities offered by Han Academy.
      Han Academy offers merit-based scholarships to students that demonstrate extraordinary flair and standards in particular fields, in all the academic areas, with separate recognition in Arts, Sports, and Community Service. This recognition serves as the school’s method of supporting and encouraging students, and rewarding their outstanding contributions to the school and the community.  (Simultaneous applications for both Scholarship and Student Grant are not accepted)
      Han Academy Scholarship
      Han Academy Scholarship includes the following categories:
      • Academics
      • Arts and sports
      • Creation and invention
      • Community service
      Students can apply to a maximum of two scholarships, but only a maximum of one will be awarded. Therefore students must signify their preference in their application. Click here for Han Academy Scholarship application form.
      "Happy Life Lifelong Learning" Scholarship
      In order to encourage students to pursue advanced study aboard, practicing the “lifelong learning” concept of Han Academy, our school also provides scholarships during students’ post-secondary stage. Students who are admitted to following universities and colleges may receive the scholarship that can potentially cover university tuition fees from undergraduate bachelors to PhD level. Also, Happy Life Education Foundation will provide excellent internship opportunities in the aspects of business, finance, education, culture and so on to the scholarship winners. Click here for “Happy Life Lifelong Learning” Scholarship.
      All year round, students admitted by Han Academy are eligible to apply. Students who apply for Han Academy Scholarship must have demonstrated outstanding achievements in the area of merit they apply for. Students who apply for “Lifelong Learning” Scholarship must be Han Academy graduates accepted by specific universities and colleges.
      The following qualities are valued by the school's scholarship committee:
      • Demonstrating effective leadership in one area of academic activities, extra-curricular activities, or community activities
      • Reflecting the vision, mission and values of Han Academy
      • Being the role model for other students within the school
      Successful applicants will be given the Terms and Conditions in writing upon receiving the scholarship. This is to be signed and returned to the school to indicate that the recipient agrees to these Terms and Conditions.

      The school reserves the right to retract a scholarship in the event of serious behavioral issues, unsatisfactory academic performance or involvement in the area for which the scholarship was awarded.

      If a recipient leaves the school halfway, the scholarship will be terminated and scholarship funds from the current year must be reimbursed to the school.
      How to apply
      Eligible students who wish to apply for scholarships may submit the required documents to Han Academy in person, via email, or by post.
      Address: G/F-2/F, 33-35 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
      Required documents
      • Application form for scholarship
      • 2 letters of recommendation (if the applicant holds the report card, issued by Han Academy, of the current semester, then no need to prepare the recommendation letter)
      • Identification documents
      • Copies of 2 most recent semester school reports (for new students in Han Academy, this also includes report cards in the previous school)
      • Certificates of applicable academic and/or non-academic awards from the past 12 months.
      Applicants may be invited for a test and also Chinese and English Language assessment. (if the applicant holds the report card, issued by Han Academy, of the current semester, then no need to take the test) 

      Reminder: Please prepare all the documents needed

      Application deadline:4th August, 2023

      Emails and letters will be sent to both parents and students to inform them of the final result of the application.
      Student Grant
      Tuition fee
      Applicants who have successfully applied the Student Grant can receive various degrees of tuition fee exemption. The specific degree of the exemption depends on the family income situation and the student's performance.
      Capital Contribution Scheme
      Starting from the 2020-2021 academic year, all students of Han Academy are required to participate in the Capital Contribution Scheme. Students who receive the Student Grant may be exempt from participating in the school building program.
      Miscellaneous and other expenses
      Students who have successfully applied for the financial aid will not automatically get the miscellaneous and other expenses fee deduction. If the family encounters difficulties in paying these fees and needs additional funding, please clearly indicate on the financial aid application form. Applications will be reviewed and considered by the Han Academy Student Grant Committee. If approved, parents will be notified separately.
      Application Procedures
      The application is accepted throughout the year. Both students of all grades or applicants for admission can apply. The financial aid will be issued by the Han Academy Student Grant Committee according to the family's financial needs. Han Academy Student Grant Committee has the final decision. (Simultaneous applications for both Scholarship and Student Grant are not accepted)
      How to apply
      • The applicant for the financial aid must be the student's parent or their legal guardian
      • .The completed application form and supporting documents (see below) must be mailed or submitted in person to the School Office of Han Academy, or email the scanned copy to
      • If the required information and supporting documents are not provided, the application will not be processed.
      • If necessary, the committee will conduct interviews or home visits with the applicant.
      Required supporting documents
      • Salaries tax bills issued by the Inland Revenue Department of the applicant and spouse in the last two years
      • Proof of balance of all bank deposits in the name of the applicant and spouse
      • Proof of all assets in the name of the applicant and spouse (including and not limited to real estate, bonds, shares, options, etc.)
      School Policy
      You may refer to the links below,
      Han Academy Child Protection Policy
      This policy applies to all students of Han Academy, including those who are above 18 years old.

      Han Academy believes that each and every child has the right to grow in a healthy, safe, protective, and supportive environment.

      Han Academy supports the Convention on the Rights of the Child signed by the Hong Kong SAR and is committed to creating a learning community that actively protects children, cares about children’s health, and keeps them from dangers and harms. We have a zero tolerance policy for abuses or harms of children.

      This policy adheres to international standards, guidelines, and Hong Kong laws. Its priority is prevention, i.e. to ensure safety and prevent harms. In case of harm or negligence of students, the school will follow Protecting Children from Maltreatment – Procedural Guide for Multi-disciplinary Co-operation (Revised 2020) to protect students.
      Scope of Policy
      Child safety and protection are the responsibilities of all stakeholders of the school community. Board directors, teachers/staff and community members, including board members, the supervisor, principals, the management team, teachers, interns, admin staff, volunteers, parents/guardians, consultants, contractors, service providers, guests, and all visitors to the school, shall abide by Han Academy Child Protection Policy.
      Teachers, staff, and volunteers should
      1. Read, understand and abide by this policy.
      2. Follow the behavioral standards of staff and visitors.
      3. Familiarize with the definition of abuse in this policy.
      4. Follow the procedures in this policy to report.
      5. Be fully cooperative in the protection of children.
      Parents/guardians should
      1. Have at least one parent/guardian live with the student in Hong Kong.
      2. Provide the up-to-date contact information of two emergency contacts.
      3. Familiarize with, understand,and support the school’s policy and procedures.
      4. Take responsibility to make sure that all domestic helpers and temporary guardians are introduced to Han Academy Child Protection Policy.
      5. Abide by the school’s child protection policy and not forward any photos shared in WeChat groups.
      Students expectations
      1. students should respect each other, treat others with decency, and not bully others in any way, shape, or form.
      2. Students will be educated regarding child protection under different circumstances, including sex education.
      3. The school has a zero tolerance policy regarding sexual activities or intimate physical contact, including sharing photos/info of sexual nature via cell phones.
      Visitors should
      1. Beware of one’s own words/behavior and treat others with respect.
      2. Not take photos/videos without permission.
      3. Not be with students alone.
      4. Not touch students.
      5. Not provide one’s own contact information to students.
      6. Not smoke.
      Child Abuse: Broadly speaking, child abuse refers to bahaviors that cause mental and physical harms to those under the age of 18.
      Categories of Harm/Abuse
      A. Physical Harm/Abuse
      Use of violence or other methods that cause children physical harm or pain(e.g. punching and kicking, beating with an object, poisoning, choking, burning, swinging infants or caregiverss preten​​lence that that that cause of such harms are not accidental)

      B. Sexual Assault
      Coercing or seducing children to participate in sexual activities in order to take advantage of or violate children sexually without the permission of children or because these children are not mature mentally and therefore not ally

      C. Negligence
      Serious or repeated negligence of children’s basic needs, consequently harming or hurting children’s health or growth.

      D. Mental Harm/Abuse
      Repeated behaviors and/or ways of getting along between caregivers and children , which harm or hurt children’s physical and mental health(including children’s emotions, cognition, social or physical development); extreme.

      For details, please refer to Protecting Children from Maltreatment – Procedural Guide for Multi-disciplinary Co-operation (Revised 2020)
      Effective Child Protection Measures
      The School
      1. Ensures that all facilities adhere to safety standards in design and  use.
      2. Employs teachers and staff only after all of them agree to undergo background check and sexual conviction record check.
      3. Conducts regular child safety and protection training for teachers and staff to ensure that all teachers and staff are familiar with child safety and protection policy and procedure.
      4. Offers regular parent talks to educate parents on child safety and protection.
      5.  Educates students to increase awareness of self-protection, including physical safety, sexual education and cyber security etc.
      6. Institutes homeroom teachers/tutors interview systems to provide mental counseling and alleviate pressures on students.
      Roles and Responsibilities
      A. School Supervisor
      The school supervisor appoints a child protection PIC and is responsible for the supervision of Han Academy’s safety insurance measures during recruitment.

      B. Child Protection Specialist
      The Head of Pastoral Care takes the role of child protection specialist, leads the whole school in implementing child protection policy and procedures, provides appropriate child protection training to all teachers and staff so as to improve students’ safety and wellbeing.

      C. Principals
      The primary and secondary principals are responsible for assisting the Child Protection Specialist to ensure that all teachers and staff abide by child protection policy and procedures.

      D. Child Protection Group
      The school supervisor, the principals, the child protection specialist, and relevant child tutor form the child protection group. In case of suspected child maltreatment, the child protection specialist should immediately convene the child protection group to take appropriate reactive and protective measures. They should cooperate with law enforcement agencies if necessary and take appropriate follow-up actions.

      E. Teachers and Staff
      All teachers and staff have the responsibility to understand this policy and actively participate in the implementation of this policy. Teachers and staff are responsible for identifying students in need and protecting students when needed. Teachers and staff should abide by Code for the Education Profession of Hong Kong, establish relationships of mutual respect with students, and take opportunities to educate students on safety and protection.

      F. Others
      Anyone who may encounter Han Academy students, including board members, the school supervisor, principals, the management team, teachers, interns, admin staff, volunteers, parents/guardians, consultants, contractors, service providers, guests and all visitors to the school, should familiarize with this child protection policy in order to create a safe and reliable environment for students.
      If teachers and staff find any incidents of child maltreatment or have probable cause to believe that a child may be harmed, the child protection specialist or the principal should be notified immediately. Teachers and staff should write down what they observe. All suspected cases of maltreating children should be responded in accordance with the following principles:
      • The Child Protection Group shall prioritize the utmost interests of children;
      • The Child Protection Group shall collect facts and materials that need to be known;
      • All follow-up actions of the Child Protection Group shall be taken in a strictly confidential manner;
      • The Child Protection Group shall keep record of all collected materials.
      Step 1: when a suspected case of child maltreatment is identified, teachers and staff should immediately report to the child protection specialist. The child protection specialist promptly figures out the facts, collects factual materials regarding the report, and reports to the primary or secondary principal.

      Step 2: The Child Protection Group enacts risk assessment and consultation, possibly including: risk assessment of child safety and mental/physical health; interview staff if needed and keep record of all relevant materials; review child’s past record in school; conduct in-school case meeting in order to ascertain whether it is a suspected case of child maltreatment and plan to follow up and monitor; If needed, the Family and Child Protective Services of the Social Welfare Department shall be consulted.

      If serious harm is involved, the child protection specialist should immediately ask the school nurse to accompany the affected child to the hospital and contact parents or guardians.

      Step 3: In accordance with the results of the in-school case meeting, the Child Protection Group takes actions to ensure the safety of the affected child, possibly including: observing the student’s mental and physical situation, setting up protective plans, parents’ participation, social worker intervention, psychological counseling, and referral to other agencies.

      Step 4: Continuously supports the affected child and supervises the implementation of protective plans; if necessary, cooperates with parents, social workers/psychologists, and other agencies to ensure the safety of the affected child.
      Contact US
      G/F - 2/F, 33-35 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
      +852 3998 6300
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