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Marc Letarte


Marc於 2021 年 8 月加入漢鼎書院。從那時起,他就喜歡教中學各年級的學生學習他的語言、我們周圍的世界以及經濟是如何運作的。他喜歡看著學生在自信和對這些學科的理解中成長。

Marc 擁有超過 15 年的教學經驗,曾在自己的祖國加拿大和多個國家任教。在他 12 年的國際教學生涯中,有 8 年以上是在國際學校按照美國、IB 和英國的課程進行教學。他在來到香港之前,曾在韓國、中國、馬來西亞、埃塞俄比亞、馬拉維和加蓬生活,這些經歷讓他體驗並了解了當地的風土人情。

Marc 擁有加拿大首都渥太華大學的地理學學位和勞倫森大學的教育學學位。他喜歡在空閒時間與家人一起旅行,在色彩斑斕的珊瑚中欣賞海洋生物,用吉他彈奏曲調,同時努力唱準調子。

Marc Letarte


Marc于 2021 年 8 月加入汉鼎书院。从那时起,他就喜欢教中学各年级的学生学习他的语言、我们周围的世界以及经济是如何运作的。他喜欢看着学生在自信和对这些学科的理解中成长。

Marc 拥有超过 15 年的教学经验,曾在自己的祖国加拿大和多个国家任教。在他 12 年的国际教学生涯中,有 8 年以上是在国际学校按照美国、IB 和英国的课程进行教学。他在来到香港之前,曾在韩国、中国、马来西亚、埃塞俄比亚、马拉维和加蓬生活,这些经历让他体验并了解了当地的风土人情。

Marc 拥有加拿大首都渥太华大学的地理学学位和劳伦森大学的教育学学位。他喜欢在空闲时间与家人一起旅行,在色彩斑斓的珊瑚中欣赏海洋生物,用吉他弹奏曲调,同时努力唱准调子。

Marc Letarte

Teacher of Geography
Teacher of English

Marc joined Han Academy in August of 2021. Since then he has enjoyed teaching students at all levels of Han’s secondary school about his language, the world around us, and how economies work. He loves watching his students grow in confidence and in their understanding of these subjects.

Marc has over 15 years of teaching experience gleaned teaching in his home country of Canada and multiple international locations. Of his 12 years of international teaching, more than 8 have been spent in international schools following the American, IB and British curricula. These experiences have allowed him to live in, experience and learn about the people and places of South Korea, China, Malaysia, Ethiopia, Malawi and Gabon before his arrival here in Hong Kong.

Marc has a degree in Geography from the University of Ottawa in Canada’s capital city and a degree in Education from Laurentian University. He enjoys spending his free time traveling with his family, marveling at marine life amongst colourful coral, and strumming tunes on his guitar while trying to sing in key.

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