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Marc Letarte



Marc Letarte


在过去的四年,我在非洲教书。在此之前,我有幸在亚洲多地体验了七年——韩国、中国厦门、埃塞俄比亚、马来西亚、马拉维和加蓬。这样的经历让我可以做自己最喜欢的事情,在了解不同人文风情的同时,也和他人分享我的所知所闻。这种教学相长,也正是我希望能在汉鼎书院实现的。我认为学习是一件令人惊奇的事情,而且是个快乐的过程。这就是为什么我试图让我的课堂成为一个愉快学习的地方,在那里我将指导学生成为最好的自己。我已经迫不及待地想见到大家,开始我们的教与学了! ‍

Marc Letarte

I am Mr. Letarte, your new English, French and Social Studies teacher.  I am so excited to be joining you all at Han Academy as the school continues to grow into a special place. Furthermore, I am thrilled to call Hong Kong my new home and to explore all of the amazing places that make your city special.

I come to you after spending the last four years teaching in Africa. Before that I was lucky enough to experience other corners of Asia for seven years. I have now lived in South Korea, China (Xiamen), Ethiopia, Malaysia, Malawi and Gabon, in that order. It has allowed me to do what I love most; learn about different people and their places while sharing what I know with them.

That is what I hope to do at Han Academy as well; teach you what I know while learning from you, every day.

I think learning is the most amazing thing people can do and that it is a process that should be joyful. That is why I try to make my classroom a place where learning is enjoyable; where I guide my students to being the best they can be.

I can't wait to meet you all so we can get started!

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