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Dean Rossouw


Dean Rossouw 在波切夫斯特魯姆西北大學獲得健康科學學位,主修人體運動科學和心理學。完成學士學位後,他獲得了中央理工大學的校隊杯橄欖球賽獎學金。在打橄欖球期間,他獲得了教育學研究生證書和教育管理榮譽學位。 Dean擁有心理學、商業管理和體育的教授資格。在南非完成學業、教學和橄欖球運動後,他前往西班牙打橄欖球並積累國際教學經驗。在香港工作期間,Dean仍在香港打橄欖球。他曾在南非、西班牙和香港任教。 Dean 與他的所有學生都保持著良好的關係。 Dean憑藉他對所教科目(心理學和體育)的理解以及在該領域的豐富經驗,為孩子們和學校帶來了巨大的價值。

Dean Rossouw


Dean Rossouw 在波切夫斯特鲁姆西北大学获得健康科学学位,主修人体运动科学和心理学。完成学士学位后,他获得了中央理工大学的校队杯橄榄球赛奖学金。在打橄榄球期间,他获得了教育学研究生证书和教育管理荣誉学位。 Dean拥有心理学、商业管理和体育的教授资格。在南非完成学业、教学和橄榄球运动后,他前往西班牙打橄榄球并积累国际教学经验。在香港工作期间,Dean仍在香港打橄榄球。他曾在南非、西班牙和香港任教。 Dean 与他的所有学生都保持着良好的关系。 Dean凭借他对所教科目(心理学和体育)的理解以及在该领域的丰富经验,为孩子们和学校带来了巨大的价值。

Dean Rossouw

Teacher of PE
Teacher of Psychology

Dean Rossouw has a Health Science degree specializing in Human movement science and Psychology that he completed at the North West University of Potchefstroom. After completing his bachelor's degree, he received a scholarship to play varsity cup rugby at the Central University of Technology. While playing rugby, he obtained his Postgraduate Certificate in Education and Honors in Educational management. The subject Dean is qualified to teach is Psychology, Business Management, and Physical Education. After Completing his studies, teaching and playing rugby in South Africa, He moved to Spain to play rugby and gain international teaching experience. Dean is still playing rugby in Hong Kong while working in Hong Kong. He has taught in South Africa, Spain, and Hong Kong. Dean has an excellent relationship with all his students. With his understanding of his subjects (Psychology and Physical Education) and his experience in his field, he adds significant value to the kids and the school.

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