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David Cheung

Upon entering university, I found the same trait in a lot of my classmates: they were all perplexed about their future. When they were younger, they too shared the same goal: to obtain good results in their public examinations and get into their desired universities. However, most of them had lost their way after attaining this goal. What will happen next? What will I do after entering university? All these unanswered questions puzzle students.

Lots of university students are facing such a conundrum. That is the reason why I want to devote myself to education. I want to take up the role of a guide. I want to help our youngsters to explore their paths and goals.

Although I am a fresh graduate from The Chinese University of Hong Kong majoring in History, I have four years teaching experience. I taught my students the knowledge not only in the textbook, but also other relevant historical knowledge. It is essential for the students to possess enough knowledge so that they can contemplate what they have learned and utilize this in reality.

Every student is unique and they should all have the right to pursue their own dreams. With appropriate and positive guidance, I am sure all people can achieve their dreams.

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