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Benjamin Elms


用一句話概括我的教育方法就是:「誰是學習者?他們知道什麼?」 - 從我接受師範教育的第一天,這句話就一直銘記於我心中。我不斷了解課堂上的學習者,並利用不同的觀點和經驗來幫助英語課程的學習。

完成教師培訓後,我曾在英國倫敦的一間名校工作,然後在西班牙馬德里一所著名的英國學校任職。在那裡,我還擔任了年度負責人和可持續發展協調員的職位,並代表可持續發展俱樂部在馬德里舉行的 COP 峰會上向聯合國發表講話,這對所有參與者來說都是一次難忘的經歷。

我並非一直是位教師,我的前半生曾為一個每月有 100 万讀者的博客擔任音樂編輯,我也曾是一家著名電子商務網站的文案撰稿人,我還曾從事 IT 管理工作,但是這些都無法與教學帶來的樂趣相提並論。

Benjamin Elms


用一句话概括我的教育方法就是:「谁是学习者?他们知道什么?」 - 从我接受师范教育的第一天,这句话就一直铭记于我心中。我不断了解课堂上的学习者,并利用不同的观点和经验来帮助英语课程的学习。

完成教师培训后,我曾在英国伦敦的一间名校工作,然后在西班牙马德里一所著名的英国学校任职。在那里,我还担任了年度负责人和可持续发展协调员的职位,并代表可持续发展俱乐部在马德里举行的 COP 峰会上向联合国发表讲话,这对所有参与者来说都是一次难忘的经历。

我并非一直是位教师,我的前半生曾为一个每月有 100 万读者的博客担任音乐编辑,我也曾是一家著名电子商务网站的文案撰稿人,我还曾从事 IT 管理工作,但是这些都无法与教学带来的乐趣相提并论。

Benjamin Elms

I have a Bachelor of Arts from Aberystwyth University of Wales and continued my studies with a Post Graduate certificate of Education from the Institute of Education, UCL, London, which has been ranked as the world's number one education institution for eight years running. I continued my relationship with the Institute of Education with my Masters that I have completed this summer, after many months of intensive reading and research into the impact of multimodality on learning in English classrooms.  

To sum up my approach to education in one phrase it would be: 'who are the learners and what do they know?' - these are the words that were shared with me on my first day of teacher education and they have stayed with me ever since. I always aim to get to know the learners in my classroom and use our different perspectives and experiences to inform our understanding in English lessons.

Since completing my training as a teacher I have worked at an outstanding school in London, UK and then worked in a prestigious British School in Madrid, Spain where I also took on the roles of Head of Year and Sustainable Development Coordinator and secured a place for our Sustainability Club to speak to the United Nations at the COP Summit in Madrid, an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

I haven't always been a teacher and my previous life involved working as a Music Editor for a blog with 1 million monthly readers, I have been a Copywriter for a leading e-commerce site and also spent some time working in IT management, but none of these compare to the enjoyment that teaching brings.

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