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Amanda Lin

I am very excited to join the Han Academy family this academic year, and to continue to fulfill my ambition to nourish the growth of children. In the past ten years of teaching, I have been lucky enough to enter the innocent world of children and get to know their pure childlike hearts. I am very happy to be together with children every day; to hear their sweet greetings and see their sunny smiles. They are full of curiosity, wonderful ideas, and a willingness to explore new things. They are brimming with energy during break time, playing happily and filling the playground with laughter.

I am self-disciplined and strive for excellence. My many years of teaching experience allows me to tailor my teaching to the needs of each individual student. I believe that, as a teacher, my role is to sow the seeds, nurture the students and enable them to flourish into balanced and capable adults. I continue to research and explore best teaching practice to ensure that my methods are up to date. I use the wisdom of the teacher to ignite the wisdom of the students, strive to benefit students in the classroom and encourage them to put into practice what has been learned. I will continue to teach with patience and skill, creating an enjoyable learning environment that fosters a sense of belonging. The students will grow up healthy and happy in the vibrancy of Han Academy.

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