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現為香港優才及專才協會主席、香港易集團(控股)有限公司行政總裁和香港政治經濟學院執行院長,並擔任全國青聯港區委員 、香港特區選舉委員會委員、香港再出發大聯盟共同發起人、香港油尖旺區撲滅罪行委員會委員、九龍社團聯會顧問和九龍婦女聯會榮譽顧問等多項公職,多年來致力於管理諮詢、人才發展和社會事務等工作,曾榮獲2015年「十大傑出新香港青年」。



现为香港优才及专才协会主席、香港易集团(控股)有限公司行政总裁和香港政治经济学院执行院长,并担任全国青联港区委员 、香港特区选举委员会委员、香港再出发大联盟共同发起人、香港油尖旺区扑灭罪行委员会委员、九龙社团联会顾问和九龙妇女联会荣誉顾问等多项公职,多年来致力于管理咨询、人才发展和社会事务等工作,曾荣获2015年“十大杰出新香港青年”。

Luo Yong

Luo Yong has a bachelor’s in computer science and English as well as a master’s in fine arts. He moved to Hong Kong as a Quality Migrant in 2010. He was the youngest teacher at Shanghai University and the youngest Regional Manager (China) of Panasonic.

He is currently the president of Hong Kong Quality and Talent Migrants Association, CEO of E-Hong Kong Group (Holdings) Limited, and Executive President of Hong Kong School of Economics and Political Science. Mr. Luo served as Hong Kong Representative of All-China Youth Federation, member of HKSAR Election Committee, co-founder of Hong Kong Coalition, committee member of YTM Fight Crime Committee, consultant for Kowloon Federation of Associations, and honorary consultant for Kowloon Women’s Organisations Federation. Over the years, Mr. Luo has been involved in management consulting, talent development, and social issues. He received Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award in 2015.

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