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畢業後,獲委任為華中師範大學中印尼人文交流中心駐香港研究員。2014年出任香港印尼研究學社期刋 - 「印尼焦點」編輯。2018年代表學社協助統籌翻譯印尼文大型史書《Tionghoa Dalam Keindonesiaan,華人在印尼民族建設中的角色與貢獻》,全書三冊共1500頁。曾多次參與中國和印尼多所大學舉辦的學術論壇,並發表多篇關於「一帶一路」、海外華商、中印尼關係、中印尼人文交流的研究論文。2019-20年,於北京理工大學(珠海校園分校)榮譽學院執教「一帶一路」跨文化創新課程。



毕业后,获委任为华中师范大学中印尼人文交流中心驻香港研究员。2014年出任香港印尼研究学社期刋 - "印尼焦点"编辑。2018年代表学社协助统筹翻译印尼文大型史书《TionghoaDalam Keindonesiaan,华人在印尼民族建设中的角色与贡献》,全书三册共1500页。曾多次参与中国和印尼多所大学举办的学术论坛,并发表多篇关于"一带一路"、海外华商、中印尼关系、中印尼人文交流的研究论文。2019-20年,于北京理工大学(珠海校园分校)荣誉学院执教“一带一路”跨文化创新课程。


Dr. Joseph W W Chan

Dr.Joseph W W Chan obtained his first degree in Government and Public Administration,The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1979. In 1993, he finished Master Degreein Information Systems offered by Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It was notuntil 2013, he stopped his full-time business of Mobile Network Service andIndonesian Convenient Stores and went back to the campus for study. He wasadmitted by the Institue of History of Modern China, Central China Normal University(CCNU) as a PhD candidate. In 2017 he was granted the PhD in History of ModernChina, major in Studies of Overseas Chinese Merchants. 

Soonafter his PhD study in the Institute of History of Modern China, he wasappointed as Researcher of the China-Indonesian People-to-People ExchangeCentre CCNU, stationed in HK. He joined the Hong Kong Society for IndonesianStudies, serving as an editor of the jounal - Indonesia Focus. In 2017 - 2019,he represented the Society in the grand translation project of "TionghuaDalam Keindonessiaan 华人在印尼尼族建设中的角色和贡献”. The "Big Book" has 3 Volumes,1500 pages, with articles contributed by 73 scholars of various nationalities.Dr. Chan also frequently contributed articles in forums held by universities inChina and Indonesia on topics of "Belt and Road", China-IndonesiaRelations", "Overseas Chinese Merchants" and "TheGuangdong–Hong Kong–Macau Greater Bay Area”. Before the pandemic, in the schoolterm dates 2019-2020, he lectured in the Beijing Institute of Technology,Zhuhai on "Cultural Exchanges of B&R".

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