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Nissa Kauppila


Nissa Kauppila出生於美國佛蒙特州蒙克頓。她擁有羅德島設計學院的美術學士學位和佛蒙特大學的課程與教學專業的教育碩士學位。Kauppila曾在私立及公立中小學教授藝術設計以及數碼藝術課程,主要包括:美術繪畫和插圖、數碼攝影、數碼視頻、角色和遊戲設計、體育和娛樂營銷、電影史、動畫簡介等。Kauppila目前還是國際知名的水彩畫家(,她在新加坡、美國、香港和中國大陸均設有畫廊。Kauppila在藝術領域的造詣,以及她在傳統和當代數碼藝術方面的教學經驗,定能助力漢鼎學子掌握傳統美術技能及21世紀數碼媒體與設計的相關課程內容。

Nissa Kauppila


Nissa Kauppila出生于美国佛蒙特州蒙克顿。她拥有罗德岛设计学院的美术学士学位和佛蒙特大学的课程与教学专业的教育硕士学位。 Kauppila曾在私立及公立中小学教授艺术设计以及数码艺术课程,主要包括:美术绘画和插图、数码摄影、数码视频、角色和游戏设计、体育和娱乐营销、电影史、动画简介等。 Kauppila目前还是国际知名的水彩画家(,她在新加坡、美国、香港和中国大陆均设有画廊。 Kauppila在艺术领域的造诣,以及她在传统和当代数码艺术方面的教学经验,定能助力汉鼎学子掌握传统美术技能及21世纪数码媒体与设计的相关课程内容。

Nissa Kauppila

Teacher of Arts

Nissa Kauppila was born and raised in the small, rural town of Monkton, Vermont, USA. She holds both a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and a Masters of Education (Med.) specializing in Curriculum and Instruction, from the University of Vermont (UVM). Kauppila has worked in private and public education for over ten years, in both primary and secondary levels, and has specialized in course-work involving both art and design, as well as the digital arts.  Kauppila’s previous course work has included: fine art painting and illustration, digital photography, digital video, character and game design, sports and entertainment marketing, history through film, introduction to animation, to name a few. Kauppila also continues to work within the art world as an internationally acclaimed watercolor artist, ( with current galleries in Singapore, the United States, Hong Kong, and mainland China. Kauppila’s on-going immersion in the art world along with her previous experiences in teaching both traditional and contemporary digital art skills brings the students of Han academy a unique experience in having exposure and experience with both traditional fine arts skills and 21st century digital media and design.

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