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Jean-Pierre Brossard




Jean-Pierre Brossard

我执教至今已有25年了。我出生在加拿大,并在那里学习和任教多年。 13年前我和家人一起来到了香港。我一直对地球上的万事万物都抱着浓厚的兴趣,这也自然而然地引领着我在大学主攻生物学。

Jean-Pierre Brossard

I have been teaching for 25 years now, and I definitely see myself teaching until I am capable of. I was born in Canada where I studied and taught for many years before eventually coming to Hong Kong with my family 13 years ago.  I have always had a keen interest for life on Earth, which naturally led me to study biology at university.

Biology has taught me many things that help guide me in my own life: things are rarely black or white; everything plays a role in the grand scheme of life; the ability to adapt to changes is the motor of life. I believe these are essential lessons to pass on to my students as they will give them more tools to understand themselves and the world around them.

As a teacher my first responsibility is to ensure my students feel comfortable in class, so that they know they can ask any question they want. Respect is a two-way road: show respect to your students and they will most likely do the same to you and others.

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