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Graham Noble






Graham Noble擁有約克大學歷史和哲學榮譽學士學位、多倫多大學教育學學士學位、巴斯大學國際教育碩士學位。他曾在廣州和香港的國際學校任教英語和人文學科長達九年。

Graham Noble

Graham Noble拥有约克大学历史和哲学荣誉学士学位、多伦多大学教育学学士学位、巴斯大学国际教育硕士学位。他曾在广州和香港的国际学校任教英语和人文学科长达九年。

Graham Noble

I am a language lover.

I've studied it. I teach it. I blog about it. I tweet about it. I present on it. I'm raising a multi-lingual family.

And for good reason, because it would be hard to overstate the importance of language to our identities as humans. Language is the basis of almost all our communication, culture, and relationships. A primary function of school is to lay the foundations of literacy and provide the interface with which students can interact with others and the world around them.

Of course, there are many languages. Each one possesses the potential to add nuance to the expression and celebration of human experience. And while machine translation technology has assisted in further networking our hyper-connected world, it hasn't removed our need for knowing languages well.  

With the emergence of an increasingly multi-polar world, our students' need to be able to express themselves and interact with systems and people different from themselves has become ever more important.

It's for this reason I'm very happy to be a part of the bilingual Han Academy and its vision of building a solid first language Putonghua foundation followed by English. I firmly believe that all students should be fluent in more than one language with the first language being their home language. For contrary to popular belief, English is not the language of the 21st century, bilingualism is.

Graham Noble has an Honours B.A. in History and Philosophy from York University, a B.Ed. from the University of Toronto, and an M.A. in International Education from the University of Bath. He has taught English and Humanities for more than nine years at internationals schools in Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

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