Our Commitment

Language Arts

“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.”


At Han Academy, we endeavor to break language barriers for our students and provide ample opportunities for them to experience the richness and beauty in languages. Interdisciplinary collaboration between Chinese and English, Bilingual Drama and Poetry Festival, HK Speech Competitions will all equip our students with Chinese base color and international glamor.


“I present, therefore I am.”

Performing Arts, Drama and Debate

“Language, the interpreter of the soul.”


At Han Academy, we believe not only splendid words speak for our soul, but also eloquent tongues. Debate, drama and speech endow kids with a mind with wisdom, a heart seeking for kindness, and a nose sensing beauty. We have professional debaters and actors to provide the best training for our students. We devote ourselves to setting up a wonderful stage, to polish both inner and exterior performance, and to nurture both vitality and elegance.


“Technology is the key to tomorrow's leaders for today's students.”


At Han Academy, technology is an integral part of not just our students’ education, but their lives. Students at Han Academy are, adept, and proficient experts always at ease in the use of technologies, to communicate, engage, collaborate and make better the lives of the people in the community and the world.

Creative Arts(Music, Dancing and Visual Arts)

Music is the key to open the human soul. At Han Academy we provide our students with this golden key so that they may fall in love with music, and through enjoying beautiful melodies, dynamic rhythm, sweet songs and the performance of various instruments, that they may be inspired on their journey of discovery in the wonderful world of music.

STEM Education

At Han Academy, we designed a unique STEM curriculum, by integrating organically the interdisciplinary educational philosophy, the real-world situation education pattern, and the innovative spirit. We create an inquiring learning environment to enable the students to have a deeper understanding of the scientific concepts and to maintain their interest and curiosity in learning. By establishing project-based teaching approach, we facilitate collaborative learning with students work in teams to learn and apply multidisciplinary knowledge to solve real life problems. By constructing innovator spaces, we encourage and guide students to perform innovative research. In our STEM curriculum, we not only impart knowledge, but also we aim at developing students in their scientific, technological, engineering, and mathematical literacy.

Chinese Martial Arts and PE

At Han Academy, we wish to enhance students’ understanding of Chinese martial arts tradition, manners and sportsmanship spirit through our unique Chinese Martial Arts programme and other Physical Education Curriculum. Through our programme, our students could build physical fitness, fine self-discipline and self-control for a lifelong healthy life style. We hope such training would benefit our students in their growing up to become optimistic and resilient young men and women with mental toughness and sound personality.

Multi-sensory Development Training

At Han Academy, the physical education programme for lower primary students includes running, jumping and throwing - the traditional exercises - as well as airborne movement, gliding, massage, crawling and rolling, which are all forms of multi-limb sensory exercises. In these exercises, students will discover their balance, sensory capabilities, and learn about their own bodies, which will in turn provide them with a solid foundation for more sophisticated sporting in the future. Physical education lessons will also have role-playing sessions, where students can develop their understanding of rules, learn to deal with frustrations and establish self-confidence. We aim to encourage students to “play through learning, have fun through playing, learn from enjoyment, and grow through experiencing.”