Staff Profile/Creative Arts Department


Fiona Fong

Influenced by my family in my childhood, I began to learn to play the violin at the age of four with my mother. I had a dialogue with music every day. With the violin as my partner, I imagined being surrounded by an ocean of music, travelling through boundaries of time and space to have conversations and spiritual communication with Beethoven, Mozart and other classical music masters.


Later, I had the honour to be admitted by the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and the Royal Academy of Music. After graduation, I was hired by the Hong Kong Chamber Orchestra as the concertmaster. Although I have been active on the stage, I have never forgotten my initial dream of becoming a music teacher to impart knowledge and educate other people. Therefore, in my growth and study process, I have always continued to teach children music; I taught violin in the social education department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music and served as the assistant professor of Royal Academy of Music. These experiences allowed me and the children to grow together and get the best experience in the musical world. When I served as the judge in an international competition, a boy ran to me and asked "how did I play?". I replied "you did very well, but the competition does not mean everything. The musical road is still long. Maybe success is not far away. As long as you work hard, every step will bring success and happy experiences." Returning to Hong Kong, I have brought my knowledge to the children here so that they too can receive an international music education from the UK. Through music, I can share a vast scope of emotions with the children and open the door of wisdom, creating a window to go beyond the space and time boundary to communicate with classical music masters.


Boys and girls, let us have a musical journey together, grow together and step into the music world hand-in-hand.