Staff Profile/Physical Education Department

Lu, Meng Yang

Mario Lu

"Every child is a seed; they simply flower at different times. Some seeds bloom brightly very early on, whilst other seeds spend a long time without bearing fruit. Yet even these seeds eventually become towering trees that reach for the sky." Growing up as the child of a teacher, my mother would frequently repeat this to me. Now as an established member of the education community and able to fondly recount the past, I could not agree more.


I studied at Beijing Sport University where I received the Outstanding Intern honour, and was then referred to the Hong Kong Institute of Education for a master degree in physical education. Here in Hong Kong, one of my great loves is to jog along the beach against a setting sun. However, I have an even greater inclination to stimulate children's interest and motivation in learning sports.


There is no shortage of academically accomplished children in this city, though students of equal physical and academic prowess are harder to find. Sporting is a skill that a child can carry with them forever, simultaneously honing their courage whilst building zeal and a competitive personality. I hope that such well-rounded students will emerge at Han Academy.


My experiences teaching four years at subsidised schools and another in an international school have allowed me to instruct numerous students in Hong Kong inter-district primary school competitions, producing excellent results. The sunshine and emotions, the sweat and the achievements, is the definition and bearing of my attitude towards life. I will never grow tired of teaching, and look forward to it week after week.