Staff Profile/Science Department


Sophia Fung

Being a teacher is like a gardener, some students need more water, some need more sunlight, others need more soil… Everyone is unique in their own ways, and they all hold great potential given the right resources. I still remember in my first year of teaching, there was a student who was very shy and refused to try anything. She was very smart, but she did not want to step out of her comfort zone because she was scared to fail. Throughout the year, she became more confident and even started to challenge herself. She told me she believed in herself because I believed in her. I was very touched. That was the moment I was proud to be a teacher.


I was educated in Hong Kong and Australia. After graduating from Australian National University, I came back to Hong Kong to work in the educational psychology field in the university. The work experience allowed me to look further and wider in the word "education". It opened my eyes to latest learning principles proposed in research and psycho-development of student needs. After that, I tried to bring the theories into practice, and make learning more effective and meaningful for the students.


As a science teacher, I believe learning should be fun and interactive. My classes consist of many hands-on learning and group activities, so that students can learn about science knowledge on one hand, and how to cooperate and communicate with each other on the other hand. I want my students to be creative and explore the world in a safe learning environment. I want them to challenge themselves, inspire each other, with me being the facilitator of their learning experience.


Education is not a one-day job, but I believe the seeds we sow in the students will grow someday!