Staff Profile/Mathematics Department


Samson Chen

My name is Chen Xiangxiang, graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I am proud and thrilled to be a member of Mathematics department in Han Academy.


I have solid knowledge in mathematics. In addition to curricular courses, I have also received professional trainings in Mathematical Olympiad in my pre-university study, and have got numerous prizes in national and provincial competitions. Moreover, through courses in my university, I have enriched my understanding of basic mathematical concepts and how they form the more complex ones. With such solid knowledge, I believe I am capable to train my students into independent learners of mathematics.


I have interdisciplinary knowledge, which, in my view, is beneficial to the students. As we know, students nowadays are expected to have global perspectives in this rapidly changing world. With knowledge learned from multiple courses, including history of fine arts, economics and linguistics, I aim to instill curiosity in students through our interaction, so that they will embark a lifelong quest for knowledge.


Lastly, I have enthusiasm and love for education and the next generation. I have rich experience in voluntary English teaching in China. Furthermore, I am assisting my university English language teacher in launching a project to help underprivileged non-Chinese students in Lantau Island. For me, to share my knowledge and experience with the next generation means a great pleasure.


All in all, I look forward to learning, growing, exploring, and discovering with my students!