Staff Profile/Chinese Department


Janti Tsui

As the saying goes, "to give students a glass of water, the teacher should have a bucket of water." This is particularly true for the Chinese language teachers. The Chinese culture is extensive and profound with very long history. There are numerous poetry and prose written by the men of letters. To teach these treasures to our next generation, teachers need to keep up with the times. Students must learn step by step, from basic learning to laying a good foundation. Sometimes, it is not only the students who are learning, but the teachers in their interaction with the students, looking for more suitable teaching methods and innovative teaching content.


I worked as an intern language teacher in a middle school in Shenzhen. After graduation, I worked in an international school in Hong Kong. I don't think that education is simply to import knowledge to students, but more importantly, to teach with my heart. Learn the characteristics of each student and observe the psychological changes of their daily learning. To be close to the students, to be able to teach students in accordance with their aptitude, and to stimulate students' different potentials.


From my childhood, my dream was to be a teacher. In order to achieve the goal, I studied at the Beijing Normal University for a bachelor's degree. "Learn, so as to instruct others. Act, to serve as example to all" is an important reminder to guide me to the goal. I am so honoured to be a part of the Han Academy family and accompany the children to grow and learn together!