Career Opportunities

Han Academy is a very unique bilingual school with very strong emphasis on Chinese language and culture. It was founded by Happy Life Education Foundation. It achieved its legal education license from Hong Kong Education Bureau on July 3rd, 2017 and Cambridge Curriculum authorisation on August 4th, 2017. It also achieves its IB World School status on April 1st, 2017. All these have shown that the School is fast developing and has a promising future in the education landscape in Hong Kong. The School now invites applications in the following areas. Only the shortlisted candidates will be invited for a face-to-face interview. All the information and personal data collected are for recruitment purposes only and are treated as highly confidential.


Please state the job you apply for and send your resume to:


Teaching Staff——


本頁檔案 | For teaching staff


Part-time/Full-time Subject Teachers (all subjects are open to applications, including but not limited to Chinese, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Arts, Design Technology, Physical Education,  etc.) 


Personal Qualities:

  • put students’ safety and health first;
  • belief that all students can learn;
  • love and care for students;
  • respect for diversity;
  • collaboration, sharing and team spirit;
  • commitment and dedication to education; 
  • passion for continuous learning and excellence.


  • Being responsible for teaching and the tutoring work to students within a particular grade.
  • Establishing and promoting high standards and expectations for all students and staff for academic performance and responsibility for behavior.
  • Managing, evaluating and supervising effective and clear procedures for the operation and functioning of the curriculum consistent with the philosophy, mission, values and goals of the School including instructional programs, extracurricular activities, discipline systems to ensure a safe and orderly climate.
  • Developing and building the curriculum. Designing and providing diverse curricula to carter for student's needs.
  • Being collaborative and cooperative in the departments and the School; reporting to the line manager in a timely manner.
  • Providing regular training to the department(s) and building a strong relationship with the team.
  • Cooperating with other departments to streamline the units/ genres in teaching, and to establish and design interdisciplinary learning units. 
  • Helping to establish and design relevant activities according to school calendar. 
  • Tutoring students to attend competitions of different aspects.
  • Building strong working relationships with students in order to make learning effective.
  • Paying close attention to newly developing theory and pedagogy in education to ensure the quality of curriculum and teaching.
  • Using effective learning technologies to enhance learning and curriculum design.
  • Maintaining close relationship with the research staff in the field and understanding important issues and developments in the front.
  • Other duties assigned by the supervisor and principal.


Lab Technician



  • Support Science teachers by maintaining the smooth running of experiments and trying out experiments;
  • Purchase and keep stores of apparatus, equipment and other inventory in laboratories. Carry out annual stocktaking;
  • Maintain Health and Safety standards in the laboratory. Manage the disposal of chemicals properly;
  • Carry out clerical and documentation work;
  • Other duties assigned by the supervisor and principal. 


Teaching Assistant 


Job Descriptions:

The major duties of the Teaching Assistants are to help homeroom teachers and subject teachers carry out their work on homeroom management and subject teaching in lower primary.


  • University graduates or above
  • Fluency in both spoken and written English
  • Good IT skills
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Passionate about teaching
  • Patient and caring
  • Proactive and self-motivated
  • Experience with lower primary students is preferable
  • Experience in an international school setting is an advantage
  • Experience with SEN students is preferable 


Leadership ——


 本頁檔案 | For Leadership


(no vacancy at the moment) 


Non-teaching Staff——


Publicity and Admissions Officer




  • Develop and implement comprehensive marketing strategies to align with the branding and position of Happy Life Education Foundation and the school it operates. 
  • Work closely with admissions department to assist in new student enrolment.
  • Manage the creation of marketing materials including WeChat articles, brochures, leaflets, advertisement, newsletter, press release, etc. 
  • Coordinate with outsourced company to keep the contents of the promotion materials attractive, accurate and updated. 
  • Execute integrated online/offline, search engine marketing, social media, advertising, public relations, events and other campaigns to 
generate awareness and create leads.
  • Develop and maintain a close working relationship with media and outsourced public relations companies.
  • Act as a brand gatekeeper to ensure all marketing and communications materials are accurate and positive.
  • Ensure the normal operation of other promotion platforms.

Finance Director 



  • Be responsible for the financial operations 
  • Set up accounting standard and develop operational procedures and workflow
  • To perform the day-to-day general accounting and accounts payable operation
  • To undertake cash-flow management and prepare monthly/annual financial statements and other management reports
  • To manage the operation in taxation
  • To liaise with banks relating to the daily operation
  • To liaison with other departments for financial support
  • To liaise with auditors relating to the examination of financial statements and other audit-related activities
  • Financial analysis of risk control, as well as new business development in PRC-mainland China or other countries
  • Other related tasks that appointed by the Supervisor



  • Candidate should be familiar with the statutory procedures and requirements of accounting and taxation
  • Candidate should be a qualified accountant with more than 25 years of solid experience
  • Candidate should possess strong financial analysis and forecasting, investment and financing and risk prevention capabilities, with proficiency in fiscal and taxation laws and regulations.
  • Candidate should have rich experience working with a company established in mainland China or with substantial operations in the PRC-mainland China
  • Candidate should be fluent in Mandarin speaking, with previous experience serving in a mainland China based company
  • Preference should also be given to candidates with experience in the education industry, preferably in the finance area of education industry
  • Strong problem solving and creative skills and the ability to exercise sound judgment and make decisions based on accurate and timely analyses.